Easter egg fundraiser

The Easter Egg fundraiser has arrived.

his year we hope to sell 200 boxes of delicious chocolate eggs, and we need your help! Pick up a box and start selling – to your family, your neighbours, or your work colleagues. You can even buy some for yourself.
It’s pretty simple, and you have lots of options:

  • Buy a box outright. This is the easiest way, pay for the box when you collect it (we take cash or card) and sell on the bags for $4 each. A whole box is $80
  • Register your details, sell the bags, and return the money by the end of term.
    There is an envelope in the box, drop it back to the office or in the silver boxes around the school. Please remember to put your name and contact details on there, so we can check off your payment.
  • Buy online through our uniform store, and we can send it home with your child. As ever, you need to make sure we have your child’s details when you buy online. If you could please email us a copy of your receipt with your child’s name and class, that will help us out.
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We will be handing out chocolates each morning and afternoon this week. Look for the tables at the front entrance, and by the gates to the courtyard.