About Us

NAPS P&C is an Incorporated Association (registered in the ACT). Any parent or interested community member is welcome to attend our meetings. We have a Constitution and a Strategic Action Plan. Our constitution is currently being reviewed, to bring it up to date with the current model rules, and also to reflect our collaborative, consensus-building approach to running the organisation. Our committee is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the organisation, and are guided by our community in setting our strategic direction and focus.

Current Constitution

This document was last modified in 2009, and sets out the rules governing the operation of our Association. It is being revised in 2020.

Current Committee Members 2020

This year we are lucky to have nine committee members working hard to achieve our goals. We also have many parents actively working in subcommittees and other volunteer roles.

Strategic Action Plan 2020

This document outlines the guiding principles, objectives and actions for the P&C in 2020.

Let’s build something together.