Senior Oval – Reimagined


  • 2020 – Term 3:
    • Research, Stories and Culture
    • Ideas and Spaces
    • Spatial Relationships, Journey and Habitat
  • 2020 – Term 4:
    • Finalise Design
    • Constructor Procurement
  • 2021 – Term 1:
    • Start Construction of Stage 1
    • Planting
    • Opening

The project to reimagine NAPS Senior Oval has commenced! All school staff, students, parents, carers and community are enthusiastically invited to help us to transform the oval into an exciting, inviting, engaging and enduring multi-purpose playscape.

To be constructed in stages over the coming years, the first step is to co-design a masterplan for the space, and develop a detailed design for the first stage that will be constructed and planted in autumn 2021.

To ensure meaningful collaboration throughout the project, the P&C has assembled a team of enthusiastic and experienced parent volunteers who are partnering with the school, Indigenous community representatives, a highly experienced landscape designer and the Education Directorate.

All we need now is you!

To get started, please:

  1. Take a look at our Inspiration and Research page, think about the questions posed by our designer and discuss with your children
  2. Browse through our Project Outline web pages to gain a greater insight into the project, the objectives, the people and the timelines
  3. Think about your skills and availability and let us know if you’d like to provide additional help in delivering the project. We’re interested in hearing from people with skills in learning, landscaping, horticulture, water management, sourcing materials, online communications, and event management
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