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For up to date news and goings on check out the Facebook Group.

Facebook Group

North Ainslie Primary has a Facebook private group. This is not a P&C run group however the P&C does feature on it. Useful information such as reminders for fundraising deadlines, lost property, events, and many other things.

Dads of North Ainslie

Keep an eye on the Facebook Group for up and coming “Dads of North Ainslie” catch ups.

Lost Property

It is inevitable your child will lose their newly purchased hat, drink bottle, lunch box or jacket. However, if the item is labelled clearly with their full name and class (once you know which class they are in for 2021) one of our amazing P&C people will ensure the item is returned to the child’s classroom.

School Canteen – NO canteen for term 1.

Canteen Planning Team

After a good conversation at the latest/ first P&C meeting of 2021, we have a small team of people who are looking into the details of a possible model to reopen the canteen. If you are keen to be involved, and have some time this term, please get in touch asap. email: napscommunity@gmail.com

Why is there no Canteen for Term 1?

Unfortunately for term 1 2021 there will be NO canteen at North Ainslie Primary.
After considering all the available options, the committee, in consultation with the school, made the touch decision to suspend the service. The canteen will NOT be open in term 1 of 2021.
It was not a decision made lightly and we understand this is disappointing and frustrating for the regular customers.
This is not a final closure. The P&C are urgently looking into options for 2021. As always, the P&C would like input from the school community. If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to discuss further, please get in touch: napscommunity@gmail.com

NAPS Container deposit scheme

Great way to get involved in reducing landfill and raise money for school. NAPS redeems 10c for each container. Use our schools phone number as the code: 61420760
More information found at the website http://www.actcds.com.au

Actsmart mobile roundup

There is a ActSmart Mobile Collection box at the NAPS front office.
Bring your collection of old mobile phones, accessories incl earpieces, car kits, cases, mobile phone batteries, charges, wireless usb mobile devices.