P & C Meetings

P & C meetings provide an opportunity for the school executive and parents to share information and for parents to contribute to school policies, initiatives and programs. It is an opportunity for all parent voices to be heard.

All parents of a student in the school are members of the P & C and are encouraged to attend P & C meetings.

Meetings are held online on Tuesday evenings in Weeks 2 and 8 of each term.

You do not need to take on a formal committee role on the P & C to attend meetings, have a say and be involved. Just come along.

Please send us an email – napscommunity@gmail.com – to get added to the P & C’s mailing list so you can get each meeting’s details.

If you are unable to attend a meeting but would like your views heard, please contact one of the P & C Executive or talk to your class rep. We will bring your views to the P&C.

Meeting Minutes

2022 Meetings

Term 1, Week 3Click here
Annual General Meeting 2022
Term 1, Week 8
Term 2, Week 2
Term 2, Week 8
Term 3, Week 2
Term 3, Week 8
Term 4, Week 2
Term 4, Week 8

2021 Meetings

Annual General Meeting 2021Click here
Term 1, Week 2Click here
Term 2, Week 2Click hereClick here
Term 2, Week 8Click hereClick here
Term 3, Week 2Click hereClick here
Term 3, Week 8Click here
Term 4, Week 2Click hereClick here
Term 4, Week 8Click here