P&C Team

Committee Positions – 2022

Strategy and Projects


Our President holds it all together. The job is to support the committee members to do their jobs. The President needs to make sure the organisation runs smoothly, represent the views and needs of our community, and provide leadership and advice to the Strategic Team. Our membership sets the priorities and goals for the year, and the President makes sure that the committee delivers. Sometimes there’s a bit of conflict resolution needed, but we operate mostly by consensus, respecting each others’ views and working together towards common goals.

This is an executive role, with some legal responsibilities as an office bearer. You will be supported in all things by the Vice President.

Vice President

The job of the VP varies a lot, depending on your skills and preferences. The key role is to provide support and advice to the President, and ensure that the views of community members are heard. As agreed with the President, you might also chair meetings. This is an executive role, with some legal responsibilities as an office bearer.

First Nations Representative

We live and learn on Ngunnawal land. NAPS has around 20-30 students who identify as Aboriginal, and we want to ensure that our organisation has cultural integrity in all things we do. This role is advocating for and representing the needs and views of our First Nations families to the committee, including specific advice & guidance where appropriate.

Learning Support Representative

We recognise that all students learn in different ways, and some need more active support than others. Our Learning Support Representative will advocate for and represent the needs and views of families who have additional learning support needs, including offering specific advice & guidance to the committee where appropriate.

LGBTQI+ Representative

Equality is important to us. This role is to advocate for and represent the needs and views of our LGBTQI+ families to the committee, including specific advice & guidance where appropriate.

Project Coordinator/s

We initiate and support a range of projects to achieve our strategic goals. Most recently, we worked with the school, our community and the Education Directorate to renew and re-landscape the senior oval. Where needed, these projects will have designated people to coordinate specific projects. The role may include liaising with stakeholders, organising volunteers, seeking funding and support, and other actions as appropriate. The Project Coordinators will report regularly to the committee. There may be more than one Project Coordinator each year, depending on the projects under development.

Safe Active Travel Officer

We all want our kids to be safe. This role is to work with parents, students, school staff and government to represent the views and concerns of families, encourage active travel to school, and develop and promote safe travel corridors around the school.

Planning & Infrastructure Liaison 

Our school is about to undergo expansion and modernisation works. We need you to liaise with the school and Education Directorate to share the views and concerns of families on issues such as planning for school capacity, and adequate infrastructure. You will also support community engagement in the design consultation phase.

Native Plant Nursery Coordinator

We run a lovely little Native Plant Nursery, with assistance from a Community Services grant, and in partnership with a local environmental charity, SEE-Change. This role is to oversee operations, support the Nursery Manager, liaise with the PACH teacher/s, and report to the committee on progress against the project goals. Also, plants.

Tree Day Coordinator

National Tree Day is becoming a regular feature on our calendar. Last year every class got involved and did some planting. The Tree Day Coordinator liaises with suppliers and classroom teachers to beautify our grounds and engage the students with the natural world.

Communicating Effectively


The key roles are to help prepare agendas and keep minutes of meetings, oversee official communications and ensure organisational obligations are met. The Secretary will also provide oversight and advice to the Engagement Team, and will be supported by the Assistant Secretary. This is an executive role, with some legal responsibilities as an office bearer.

Assistant Secretary

The Assistant Secretary role is largely defined in partnership with the Secretary, and includes providing support to the Secretary in meeting the organisation’s record-keeping and reporting obligations and leading the Engagement Team. This is an executive role, with some legal responsibilities as an office bearer.

Public Officer

This is a largely ceremonial role, with a responsibility to act as contact for the organisation with the ACT government. This is an executive position, and may be held in conjunction with another position (often held by the Secretary or Assistant Secretary).

Class Representatives Coordinator

This is a really key engagement role, helping to build and maintain social connections for parents in each class. Tasks include recruiting parents to be class representatives, and provide encouragement, guidance and support throughout the year.

Preschool Liaisons

Both preschool campuses are part of our community, and we want them to feel it. This role is for parents from each campus to stay connected to the broader P&C organisation, and access advice and support, ensuring they can build a strong social network, fundraise for their goals, and feel included in the broader NAPS community. They will be supported by the Class Representatives Coordinator, and the core committee members.

Communications Officer

This is a strategic role, with responsibilities including developing a communications plan, recommending channels and key messages, and general oversight to ensure that communications are clear, consistent, timely, targeted and achieve our objectives.

Website and IT Officer

This role primarily maintains the P&C website, including updating items, adding content as provided and ensuring a smooth, easy to use platform. You can work with the Graphics and Design Officer, Events and Fundraisers Coordinators, the Communication Officer, and others as needed.

Graphics and Design Officer

We like to look nice, and want our graphics to look consistent, reflect our values and achieve our goals. This person develop logos, graphics, flyers and other graphic material as required to advertise events and convey messages.

Official Blogger

We have lots of people working on lots of exciting projects, but they tend to be too busy to tell everyone about them! Communication is a skill, and our Official Blogger will aim to produce a new story each month about our various activities, to be shared on our website and other channels. You will work with the Communications Officer, the Graphics and Design Officer and the Website and IT Officer, as well as others as needed to tell the story of our community.

Local Schools Liaison

We have lots of overlap with other Inner North Schools, and we are stronger if we work together. This person will develop relationships with other schools in our area, working to identify shared projects to build a sense of community and connection. May include borrowing equipment for events, and other similar activities.

P&C Council Delegate

The ACT Council of P&Cs is the peak body for the ACT, and a handy resource for us. This person will attend the Council meetings, representing the NAPS community and facilitating communications between organisations. This could be a shared role with the Local Schools Liaison.

Making Money


Our Treasurer needs to ensure our financial obligations are met, including record-keeping, reporting and preparing for audits, and supporting cash flow at events where needed. You will also provide oversight and advice to the Finance Team. This is an executive role, with some legal responsibilities as an office bearer. You will be supported in all things by the Assistant Treasurer.

Assistant Treasurer

The Assistant Treasurer’s role is to assist the Treasurer. Taking care of the money is a big job and needs two people. You will work as a team, and share the responsibilities in the way that suits you. This is an executive role, with some legal responsibilities as an office bearer.

Canteen Coordinator

We don’t currently have a canteen service. This role is to keep a finger on the pulse, and advocate for resumption of the service as opportunities arise.

Uniforms Officer/s

We run a successful uniform store, and this role is to coordinate the operation of the Uniform Shop, including managing volunteers, ordering stock, identifying uniform item improvements, and monitoring finances. This can be a shared role, and is supported by the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and others as needed.

Grants Officer

There are loads of great grant opportunities throughout the year, many of which are well suited to funding our projects. The Grant Officer will work with the committee, volunteers and the school to develop grant applications, and identify potential sources of grant funding for projects in line with the objectives of the P&C. You will be supported by the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and others, and work in partnership with whoever is proposing the project.

Sponsorship Officer

We like to support local businesses in our community, and they like to support us. This role would involve seeking formal or informal sponsorship agreements and develop relationships with businesses in line with our values and goals. You will be supported by the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and others as appropriate.

Events Coordinator

It’s all about building strong community ties. We need an Event Coordinator to work with the Fundraisers Coordinator to develop a calendar of community social and fundraising events, and coordinate volunteers to organise and run each event in a safe manner, in line with P&C and school policies such as healthy eating and zero waste. This role will be supported by volunteers to run events, and is NOT expected to run every event.

Fundraisers Coordinator

We do like to raise some money. This is a fun role, coordinating fundraising-only ‘events’, like the Mango Drive, identifying other opportunities and arranging volunteers to run them through the year. This role works closely with the Events Coordinator developing the calendar and overseeing fundraising organisation.

Ice cream Officer/s

There’s a reason it’s called “FUNdraising”! We all love a good ice cream, and you can have a great time making them happen. Team up with a friend, contribute to your school community and make the (ice) magic happen. It’s up to you how many additional volunteers you will need to run a stall, but you won’t have trouble finding them.

Zero Waste Coordinator

We won ACTsmart Sustainable School of the Year in 2020, and environmental responsibility is a big part of our school culture, one that is actively supported by the P&C. We don’t like little bits of plastic left all over the grounds when we hold an event, and with some forward planning we won’t have any. Your role is to advise on consumables purchasing prior to and coordinate compost and recycling collection after our events.

Crazy Camel Coordinator

We run a fantastic Art Fundraiser each year, where the students create a piece of art in class and parents can order various customised swag (notebooks, pillow cases, cups, etc) with your child’s art on it, in time for Christmas gifts to the grandparents. This role is working with the Art teacher and office staff to facilitate this fundraiser each year.

Hammerbarn Liaison

We receive great support from an unspecified local hardware chain, and keeping in contact with their community Activities Organiser is an important part of maintaining this relationship. This role is to connect the donations from the store with the projects we are working on.

Crafting Coordinator

Are you feeling a bit crafty this year? We often have opportunities for stalls and a Crafting Coordinator who could suggest easy crafting for families, keep track of stock, and oversee a stall would be wonderful!


Mmm, cake. Bake stalls are a classic, and a great money spinner. We have a few ideas of taking things next level – have you got what it takes to get us there? There’s some basic volunteer coordination required, and lots of room for creativity.

AGM 2021

Thanks to everyone who came to our AGM for 2021

I’m delighted to share that we filled all our core committee roles, as well as 13 supporting roles – a really fantastic result.

The 2021 committee is:

President – Maree Wright

Vice President – Lucy Hannah

Secretary – Helena Seagrott

Assistant Secretary – Jasmine Hope

Treasurer – Allie Patrick

Assistant Treasurer -Karen Cameron

Public Officer – Lyndal Buik

Supported by:

First Nations Representative – Eli Archer

LSU Representative – Jolene Uotila

Project Coordinator (Plant Nursery) – Adam Young

Safe Active Travel Officers – Dan Watters & Michael Hope

Canteen Coordinator – Jasmine Hope

Uniforms Officers – Tiina Mann & Pip Chalmers

Grants Officer – Corinna Cullen

Communications Officer – Karen Cameron

Website & IT Officers – Andy Chalmers & Jody Linder

Graphics & Design Officer – Eli Archer

Events Coordinator – Jhay Mann

Class Representatives Coordinator – Steve Sancbergs

Local Schools Liaison Officer – Andy Chalmers

We are still looking for people to fill the following positions:

IEC Representative

LGBTQI+ Representative

Planning & Infrastructure Liaison

Sponsorship Officer

Fundraising Officer

Sustainability Officer

If you are interested, or would like more info, please get in touch